Best Conversational Hypnosis Techniques

Best Conversational Hypnosis TechniquesWhile some people think of conversational hypnosis as a dark art or some sort of magic ability it is actually a skill that anyone can learn. Covert hypnosis techniques can be taught and you can follow a basic structure to put a person in a trance state.

The skill which is often also referred to as covert hypnotism is different from traditional hypnosis as the other person will not be aware of what is happening. They will be more open to suggestion but will not be able to do anything they are extremely opposed to.

In a way it gives you the power of persuasion in a similar way that a master of persuasion techniques may have. The difference is that you are doing it by using hypnosis techniques.

Get their attention

In order to begin you will need to have the attention of the person. If there are lots of distractions and they are not paying attention to you then it would be much harder. There are methods to bring them to your awareness and give them complete relaxation though.

Build rapport

You will then build a deep rapport with them. This may sound harder than it is and for most people without the knowledge it is. But when you have learned the skills and techniques of conversational hypnosis this will just be a structured system you follow.

As a side note, just knowing this alone can make positive changes in your life even if you never used the hypnosis elements…understanding how to quickly build a strong and deep rapport with people you have just met is very powerful.

The trance

‘Trance’ is a word that is not particularly accurate but it has become a shorthand for the state people are in after hypnosis. You have possibly experienced it after driving a familiar journey home where you cannot remember much of the journey. You were looking at the lines in the road and almost on autopilot and then snapped out of it when you arrived home.

This is similar to what you will be doing but you will use words, eye contact and pacing to induce this state.

Embed Thoughts

Finally you will start to speak to their subconscious making them open to suggestions. You will learn language patterns which are not obvious so they think they have come to the conclusion themselves. You can follow scripts for this or as you master it you can work ‘on the fly’.

The key here is to be covert so at the end of the conversation they will not think anything particularly strange has happened. It will appear that they have had a very positive and deep conversation with you and have the ideas you have embedded in their mind.

Subliminal Hypnosis

Subliminal hypnosis is a kind of covert hypnosis technique as it lets you embed ideas, suggestions and commands into somebody’s mind without them realizing. They pick up what you have intended them to on a subconscious level but their conscious mind does not pick up on it…assuming you have done it the right way.

Subliminal hypnosis techniques are very different from traditional ideas of hypnosis with a person lying on a couch and being put into a trance. It is often referred to as conversational hypnosis as you can hypnotize while having a seemingly innocent conversation.

While everyone has their own individual idea of what they would do if they could successfully put ‘someone under their spell’ so to speak, but most people who have not looked into the subject have completely the wrong idea.

You typically find that people think it is akin to a superhero power of mind control. The reality is that it is something that can be used everyday in subtle forms to radically improve your life. It can even be used for hypnotherapy, to stop smoking or lose weight for example.

For example, the way you communicate with your boss at work may not be helping you to get a promotion or a pay raise. If you knew the techniques of conversational hypnosis you would have a whole new perspective. It is actually possible to communicate with their subconscious and change their perception of you as a person and an employee so they actually think that promoting you is the right thing to do.

And let’s be clear as there are often misunderstanding on the topic. This is not a form of trickery or deception here. You are not forcing somebody to do something against their will, but instead being a very successful communicator.

All successful people…people of great power and influence, will use techniques like this, even if they do not realize it. It may be just that they have learned to be a magnetic individual with whom people respond well to. Most people will never know what that is like as they only communicate on a single conscious level.

Having people always respond positively to you and actually go out of their way to help you and give you what you want can be life changing. And this is some of the power that mastering subliminal hypnosis can do for you.

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With a confident air you can have an entire room listening to you as you speak. Even if your topic isn’t particularly captivating, you can be.

Self confidence hypnosis helps you to unleash the power from within and teaches you a technique whereby you can bring up instantly that feeling of supreme self-confidence anytime you are faced with a challenge.

Self confidence hypnosis deals to target the brain in an intuitive state of mind. At this stage, your brain is acquiescent and a trained hypnosis can amend the thought process that affects your confidence.

It’s just the one was labeled as black magic but it is just science being used to give people freedom from a past that they cannot change.

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