Black Ops Hypnosis

Black Ops HypnosisBlack Ops hypnosis is another term for covert or conversational hypnosis. It is an effective technique for influencing people by speaking to their subconscious mind. It is referred to as black ops hypnosis because unlike traditional hypnosis, the other person will have no idea what you are doing and should believe that they are making the decisions for themselves.

First we will have a short look at how this differs from the normal hypnosis most people are used to. In normal circumstances a hypnotist will prepare someone on advance so they know what to expect, they will have an idea of what to expect and it will normally take place in a comfortable place or possibly at a stage show.

Black ops hypnosis does not need any of these factors. The other person will not know in advance what you are doing and it could take place anywhere you choose, such as at work or in a public place.

So how can you use Black Ops Hypnosis?

There are a vast number of ways to implement the skills you will learn in covert hypnotism.

  • Become the leader of a group
  • Convince your boss to give you a raise
  • Learn to sleep better at night
  • Become more attractive to a partner
  • Make people instantly have rapport with you
  • Have a far superior memory
  • Increase your confidence
  • Be able to get what you want in most situations

By using a combination of hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), social engineering and advanced language patterns you can make all of this a reality.

All of these skills can be learned and it is just a matter of spending some time practicing. Do not expect to become a master overnight. As with all things you will see improvements as you get used to the skills.

How Can I Master This Art?

If you are serious about mastering Black Ops hypnosis then you should start with the leading course on the subject called Underground Hypnosis. It is the leading home study course on this topic and has been proven to work time and time again.

It has been set out so that you can learn gradually and pick up techniques as you are learning. So you will not be going out expecting to perform mass hypnosis on a large group of people right away! You will make small improvements which will increase your confidence.

I would suggest you go through the course once first without trying to remember everything. Just sit back and take it all in. Then the second time you can actually implement it. If you are following it through you should very quickly notice that people respond to you far better than before. It is a great feeling having a personal magnetism that seems to draw people in.

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