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Hypnosis School – Should You Attend a School for Hypnosis?

I have been asked a number of times about the idea of attending hypnosis schools in order to learn the skill. While I should point out that I did not learn myself at such an institution, I have heard from others and have a general idea of what you might achieve by choosing this path.

A hypnosis school will typically teach you skills in hypnotherapy such as weight loss, quitting smoking and cures for phobias. It will follow a curriculum that will teach you the fundamentals of hypnosis and then progressively increase the skill level.

One aspect that may appeal about a school is that you will generally receive a certificate that will give to more prominence if you intend taking on clients. Many people feel comfortable when they see accreditation even though the practitioner may have not greater ability because of it.

Another point is that some people like to learn as part of a group with the desire to prove themselves to a teacher. This is personal to you but obviously some people thrive in a learning environment while others prefer to work by themselves without the pressure.

Hypnosis schools can definitely be good for some but on the down side there are a few points that should be noted.

The cost of course could be prohibitive to many people and should only really be considered if you are certain this is what you want to do. There are far cheaper alternatives while you are still learning the basics.

The speed and style of learning may not suit everyone, particularly those that like to work at their own pace, whether faster or slower than that of a class. It is absolutely possible to learn for yourself without needing others around you.

So all in all I would only recommend somebody who is more experienced and has a very strong desire to go into professional medical hypnosis or hypnotherapy to consider a hypnosis school. You can learn for yourself very cheaply and a home study course can give you a very advanced education from home.

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